Welcome to O Deus Audio

O Deus Audio is an Australian audio business dedicated to providing original audio software for use by professionals and hobbyists alike with a focus on Steinberg technologies (ASIO and VST) and MIDI. We offer second to none support and we also do custom development.

We have a strong commitment to supporting our users and making them glad they chose the O Deus Audio solution!

Our software runs on all 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.

ASIO Link Technology

Our ASIO Link, ASIO Link Pro and ASIO Link Max all share ASIO Link Technology. This technology adds features to your audio interface ASIO driver such as routing WDM windows audio and providing multi-client support to use your ASIO driver from more than one application. You can also send ASIO audio over the network. With support for up to 128 ASIO IN channels and 128 ASIO OUT channels, this driver will meet all your routing needs.


MidiThru performs real-time recording of midi keyboard events to a midi file while also acting as a software MIDI-THRU. Included is the "MidiMate Virtual Midi Cable" driver which provides 32 input and 32 output midi device cables for linking MIDI applications.


These handy VST plugins will allow you to capture WDM audio into your DAW or VST Host and also capture DAW or VST Host audio to a WDM recording device. Must have!