MidiThru performs real-time recording of midi keyboard events to a midi file while also acting as a software MIDI-THRU. You also get our "MidiMate Virtual Midi Cable" driver which will allow you to route MIDI to and from up to 32 virtual midi device cables using them as inputs in the DAW or music program. Or you can output to use a synthesizer directly while knowing everything is being recorded.


  • Acts as a software MIDI-thru to route MIDI between keyboards/synthesizers and applications
  • Records all MIDI Events in real-time to a MIDI file
  • Includes up to 32 multi client virtual MIDI cables
  • Includes MidiFix player/visualiser and repair tool
  • Extremely low latency
  • Control what types of MIDI events are sent to receiving devices


Download the MidiThru installer exe


You can also download the MidiThru pdf documentation.


Until registered there is a 5 minute limit before MidiThru will close and save your midi file and the MidiMate virtual cables will only send midi data for the first 5 minutes so, when you are happy with MidiThru, please purchase a license with one of the payment options to the right. The license will allow use on two machines and can be transferred.

Purchase MidiThru for $19.95 AUD

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MidiThru includes 32 Midi Cables

Some windows MIDI drivers do not allow opening the driver from more than one application. This means that you can only use your keyboard in one application. This is where virtual MIDI cables and MidiThru come together to allow sending audio to more than one application. Simply send midi output to MidiMate01 in MidiThru and then use the MidiMate01 input from multiple applications!

MidiThru also includes MidiFix

This is a FREE midi file player and viewer It is now available as part of this MidiThru package and is free even without registering MidiThru.